The Process Of Getting Dental Implants

Are you thinking about dental implants, but want a little more information about the process before going ahead with it? This is definitely the article for you because it takes a brief look at what dental implants entail.

1. An Assessment

The first thing that needs to happen is an assessment. In other words, a dentist that offers the procedure, like Wholelife Dental at in Plantation, or cosmetic surgeon needs to check the status of your bone structure. Seeing as a missing tooth will see the bone structure sink away, it might not be possible for an implant. Alternatively, the dentist will recommend bone grafting if you really want to get dental implants.

2. The Preparation

The next step is to prepare the areas where the dental implants will be going. This is a procedure that typically takes place over two sessions because there’s a healing process involved as well.

The dentist or surgeon is going to place a titanium screw into the gum line, and get it close to the bone of your jaw. Now, the screws are designed to mend with the bone and physically become part of your jaw structure, but without the sensation a real tooth provides.

3. The Healing Process

It takes time for the bone to mend with the screw, so you need to come back at a later stage according to the dentist’s orders.

4. Placing The Crown

After, and if, the screw successfully attaches to the jawbone, the crown can be placed. Naturally, the crown will be designed to fit with your other teeth and blend in perfectly. In fact, nobody will be able to tell it’s an implant, regardless of where it is placed.

If you are wondering how long they last? Dental implants can last well over 15 years, but you need to take care of them. And the titanium screw doesn’t do anything harmful to the body.

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